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First Steps in WHM

How to login to your WHM panel and overview of the tools In order to access your WHM, you need to add /whm after your domain name (provided the domain is pointed to your...

WHM Reseller Tutorial 0

WHM Reseller Tutorial

Learn how to manage the different cPanel accounts on your server with WHM WHM is short for Web Hosting Manager. It is the administrative part of the cPanel control panel software for managing all aspects...

How To Clean a Hacked WordPress Website 0

How To Clean a Hacked WordPress Website

There isn’t really a set process that you can follow to clean up a hacked WordPress website as not all hacks are the same. The good news is that almost all hacks can be...

How To Reduce Wordfence CPU Usage 0

How To Reduce Wordfence CPU Usage

Wordfence is a very useful WordPress plugin, and is used by a lot of clients to increase the security of their WordPress website. Unfortunately the Wordfence “Live Visitor Tracking” feature can cause CPU usage...


How To Create Email Accounts in cPanel

When you set up a website, you have the ability to create email addresses using your domain. Instead of sharing a account, you can proudly display the site with an address at