How To Clean a Hacked WordPress Website

There isn’t really a set process that you can follow to clean up a hacked WordPress website as not all hacks are the same. The good news is that almost all hacks can be recovered from if you are willing to invest a bit of time, effort, or money to get your WordPress site back online.

If you’re an experienced Webmaster then you may be able to clean a hacked WordPress website yourself, or if you’re a novice you may find it much quicker and easier to pay someone to do the job for you.

If you’ve been sent an email from your web host with a list of hacked/malicious files that have been detected on your webspace, please read and understand the following:

Simply deleting the malicious files won’t fix your problem.You must follow either Option 1 or Option 2 below to fix your issue.
With that out of the way, here’s how to clean a hacked WordPress website.

Option 1: The DIY Method

This method is recommended only for those of you that are experienced Webmasters. If you are not an experienced Webmaster you may end up doing more damage to your website whilst you attempt to clean up the hack.

If you’re confident enough to fix the hacked website yourself, then please proceed to the following guide and follow all of the steps IN FULL to clean your WordPress site:

How To Clean a Hacked WordPress Site

When The Hacked Site Has Been Cleaned

Once you have followed one of the options above to clean your site, you need to make sure that the hackers aren’t able to get back in. To minimize the risk of being reinfected, we recommend that you go through our WordPress Security/Hardening steps that are outlined in the following guide:

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