How To Create Email Accounts in cPanel

When you set up a website, you have the ability to create email addresses using your domain. Instead of sharing a account, you can proudly display the site with an address at Using cPanel makes the process of setting this up very easy.

In this tutorial, I’m going to go over cPanel email setup. It’s an exceptionally quick process and can be done in less than a couple of minutes.

Why Use Domain Specific Email Addresses

A lot of web filters are set up to block messages from web-hosted domains. For instance, some filters are set up to block and from flooding into an inbox. This is because free web-based email is often used by questionable people to spread spam and malware.

Domain addresses also denote a sense of professionalism. People are more likely to trust over Think about it, would you trust an important message from PayPal or your bank if it came from

Create Email Accounts from cPanel

Log into your cPanel account and scroll down to “Email.”

Email Cpanel

Click on the “Email Accounts” link or icon to open the section.

Email Accounts

In this next screen, you will fill in the information for the address.

  • Email
    This is the address you want people to send mail to. It can be your name or perhaps the position within a business. For instance, you could put in “sales” if this email is for the sales department of a company.
  • Domain
    In the drop down, you can assign the address to a specific domain. If you have more than one website, or if you have subdomains linked to your site,
    they will show up in this list.
  • Password
    Here is where you put in a password. The system will scan the complexity of your word and give you a weak-to-strong rating. You can also click the “Password Generator” to create something extremely difficult to crack.
  • Password (Again)
    In this section, you enter the password again to verify it is correct. This helps eliminate the problem of typing in the wrong characters and setting a permanent password incorrectly.
  • Max Quota
    You can select how big the inbox is for each address you create in terms of megabytes. This can be helpful if you’re limited on space. However, using an unlimited web hosting account allows you to select “unlimited” without facing extra charges should the inbox fill up.

Enter the information for the address and click “Create Account.”

Create Email Account

After you click the save button, you’ll have a new address ready to send or receive messages.

Email Is Important

Email is one of the most utilized methods of digital communication on the Internet. It’s widely used as a form of marketing as well as personal connections. Creating a different address for each part of your organization helps keep the spam limited and messages going to the right personnel. Keep the data organized as it will help keep things streamlined for efficiency.

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